eHome Travel - Tour Terms and Conditions 

All two-bed requests will be passed on to the hotels but we cannot guarantee it will be granted. Hotel will assign bed types based on the number of occupancy. Double occupancy will be assigned one/two beds; triple or quad occupancy will be assigned two beds. Some hotels charge certain fees for extra bed. 


If the tour includes a cruise/train/aircraft element, the name provided must be the same as the travel document. We only input names on behalf of customers based on the registration form. If you need to change name after tickets been issued, you have to pay for the relevant fees of the cruise/train/aircraft.

All transportation including air / cruise / train / bus used inside our travel package are based on each company / organization’s policies and regulations. Therefore, when there are casualties, property damage and loss of baggage and other similar circumstances, we need to seek solutions that set by the various involved parties.  Regarding tour + cruise packages, the cruise pricing is based on an inside cabin to start with. Any upgrade possibility given by the cruise company is not what we can decide. We can only assist our customers to input their information and request. 


As for the issues relating to hotel accommodation, meals, tour programs, etc. will be done as listed on our tour flyer. Under any special circumstances, such as visa blocked, bad weather, strike, typhoon, missing documents and the local hotels had suddenly not available as well as any flights canceled or delayed that cause the itinerary and accommodation of the travel program must change or cancel, we have to make the most appropriate arrangement in accordance with the full circumstances. The individual / group have to bear the losses incurred in this case. Should you have any concern of loss prevention, you can purchase appropriate travel insurance at the time of this tour registration. As always, any personal safety within the travel program is considered as a personal responsibility. To ensure peace of mind, please purchase travel insurance for protection.

Our tour participates are required to comply with the law of the countries. Do not carry private merchandise or illegal objects. Custom law is set by individual countries. Any participant who travel without a valid visa or travel documents, or get refused to entry a country for personal reason, the responsibility falls onto the individual(s), not the tour company. The rest of the journey will not be refunded, and, if applicable, additional expenses involved such as transportation and accommodation are also on the individual(s). Tour participants should cherish public property. Any damage to public property or property in the hotel will be compensated by the responsible parties. Please refer to our Service Agreement between Customer and eHome Travel Group Inc.


Participants who require specific seating due to health condition should provide a doctor’s note, and we will certainly do the best to accommodate. The participant has to carry the proof and present it at the request of other customers onboard. In addition, we provide “Seat for Purchase” (only up 6 seats per bus) which is $ 10 per day (no single day or purchase accepted.) All revenue will be spent within the tour for the others. The number of purchased seats will be listed on our Customer’s Daily Itinerary so that everyone knows in advance. This service is only to ensure fairness and not meant for extra earning to eHome. The seating arrangements are divided into front, middle and back of the bus. Our daily rotate order is based on the registration date recorded. There is a toilet on the tour bus that is used only when necessary and emergency. To ensure fairness, any guests who use the toilet frequently will be arranged sitting at the rear section.


All other relevant details regarding the tour arrangement will be shared at the time of our pre-trip meeting.  Before finishing this process, please go to our tour flyer under “Terms and Condition” for related information.  We welcome your questions

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eHome Travel - Service Agreement 

On our tour, should anyone need personal assistance from our tour escort, please stay after the group work is completed. He/ She will be delighted to provide assistance.

Also, please allow working space and time for him/ her to follow up for your request. After receiving the room card, your tour escort will let you know his/ her room number. Just in case anyone may miss this piece of information, you can always go to the front desk for assistance. The hotel front-desk staff will help getting in touch of your tour personnel.

We accept all reasonable requests or complaints from our customers and will for sure follow up.  However, please understand in the face of explicit harassment / bullying to our staff or/and our customers onboard, these individuals will be asked to leave the group immediately without any reimbursement or refund.


eHome Travel does not tolerate harassment and bullying on our tour groups. If our customers are dissatisfied in our service, they have right to complain to eHome Travel office. For any emergency, you can always call your tour escort.  Any other questions, you can let him/her know before 9 pm. 


Lastly, in order to smooth all arrangements, please be on time during the tour. Should anyone be late, he/she may have to cover any additional expenses including the long-distance phone charges for the tour personnel. 

Thank you for your understanding.