Happy Canada Day


祝大家加拿大國慶節快樂! 且有個愉快夏天!

7月有什麼旅遊計劃嗎?時光飛逝!要讓我們的夏天過得充實。即使現在有必要習慣採用“新常態”的生活方式,這也許是必要的步驟。何不利用7月時間來準備我們的新旅行計劃 !

按卑詩省政府 恢復程序 - 第3階段“新常態”的指導,我們必須遵循政府的規定; 因此,我們尚不能成群結隊旅行。 然而我們已經開始為即將到來的秋天 準備多個出境旅行選擇。 在本月內 將更多旅行信息發送給大家。

最後,提一提卑詩省的夏天非常適宜旅行。應該去外享受自然之美。可不組私人團隊外遊 ? 如有需要我們代安排你們的私家旅行團,歡迎您致電。


Happy Canada Day! Wishing you all a happy summer!

Any travel plans for July? How time flies! Let our summer be fulfilled. Even if it is now necessary to get used to adopting the "new normal" lifestyle, it may be a necessary step. Why not use July to prepare our new travel plan!

Under the BC Provincial Government Recovery Process-Phase 3 "New Normal" guidelines, we must follow the government's regulations, so we cannot yet travel in groups. But we have already started preparing for a number of outbound travel choices for the fall onwards. More travel information will be sent to you within this month.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that summer time in British Columbia is very pleasant. You should go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Why not form your own private travel group? If you prefer to have us arrange the trip for your family, you are welcome to call.

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