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温哥華夏天 日光時間最長. 飯後外出 散步最佳!

在8月, 有否想外出作短遊?有多款提議給你們考慮.

現在招集人數 組團往 Kelowna基洛拿, 吐芬奴 Tofino 和 陽光海岸 Sunshine Coast.


8月開始 逢星期六 往 基洛拿 Kelowna

8/18/2020 (夏末)往 吐芬奴 Tofino

9/17/2020 (秋初)往 陽光海岸 Sunshine Coast

(一) 基洛拿2天遊

(二) 温哥華島3天行遊

(三) 陽光海岸 3天之旅


12-15 客人. 將選用 27人大巴士

20-26 客人. 將選用 56 人大巴士

雖然在今天情況 法例沒有特別指引限定旅巴內人數. 我們亦有顧及大家安全和舒適感. 凡不同 住户地址的客人, 可分派獨立坐位. 每天, 巴士內艙 全面消毒清潔. 每位客人請自備個人保健物 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

今天外遊規限多, 我們要先集夠人數才可出團. 一些出名酒店 已有指定容客量. 雖然有很多限制, 但不是不可行的. 這些规定亦是為大家好. 也許 旅遊 “新型態”是必定的. 我們就早些習慣這種安排, 方便為2021年作外遊準備!

夏天過後便入秋. 是外遊最佳季節 ! 我們挑選的日子, 都有顧及 喜歡攝影人仕. 大家日間欣賞途沿風光. 入夜後,可繼續 拍攝旁晚日落及夜空繁星大自然的美景. 大家參加這次行程, 遠離大城市, 往效外吸新鮮空氣! 可助舒緩幾個月來, 足不出戶, 不作遠行, 限在室內的壓力感 ! 一如既往,無論未來如何,活得完滿充實! 這才是應有態度!


好久沒見了, 我們有掛念大家。祝 健康免疫且生活愉快 !


Vancouver summer time is the longest day of daylight. It’s best to go out for a walk after dinner! Starting from August, would you like to go for a short trip? We have a few proposals for your consideration.

We are recruiting groups to Kelowna, Tofino and Sunshine Coast.

The following dates are available:

Starting in August, every Saturday, a 2-day trip to Kelowna

8/18/2020 (late summer) to Tofino

9/17/2020 (early autumn) to Sunshine Coast

(Trip Selection-1) 2-day Kelowna Tour – Farm Visit and Mountain Trail

(Trip Selection-2) 3-Day Vancouver Island Tour

(Trip Selection-3) 3-Day Sunshine Coast

Based on the number of participants, we then determine the choice of tourist bus:

12-15 guests. A 27-person bus will be used.

20-26 guests. A 56-person bus will be used.

Although there are no special guidelines in today’s law to limit the number of passengers on the bus, we still take into account for your safety concern and comfort. Guests with different household addresses can be assigned independent seats. Every day, the bus cabin is fully disinfected and cleaned. Each guest should bring their own personal health care (PPE).

There are many travel restrictions, we need to gather enough participants for a group first. Some popular hotels have designated capacity. Although there are many restrictions, it is still feasible. These regulations are also for everyone’s benefit. Perhaps the “new state” of tourism is certain. Once, we are used to this new arrangement as early possible, we can help ourselves prepare for outbound travel in 2021!

It’s autumn after summer. It’s the best season for outings! On the days we choose, we know some customers who like photography. During the day, everyone enjoys the scenery along the way. At night, you can continue to take sunset and night sky photos. On this trip, stay away from the big city and get fresh air. Doing so will release our stress, refresh our mind and recharge our energy! As always do, live life the fullest regardless what is coming! This is the way it should be.

If you are interested, please reply to us. If you have other good suggestions, whether this year or next year's arrangements, we also welcome you to share with us. We haven’t seen you for a long time, and we do miss everyone. Wish you well and be safe travelling!