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臨時營業時間 及 員工在家工作安排

臨時營業時間 員工在家工作安排

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為了降低醫療保健系統的風險,我們會跟隨加拿大政府指引,所有怡家假期員工會暫時安排家中工作。我們新辦公時間將設在上午11時至下午5時(星期一至星期五)。如果需要與我們聯絡,可以WhatsApp,致電和發送電子郵件。這只是臨時安排。我們將在 COVID-19 得到政府安全指引後,盡快恢復正常辦公室開放運作。

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New Operation Arrangement from eHome Travel

Coronavirus Outbreak has caught all of us in surprise and created huge impacts on our daily life. To reduce the risk of our health care system, we forward our office operation from home. For the convenience of our customers, our phone line will remain on during new office hours from 11 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday). Should anyone need to get hold of us, you can phone, WhatsApp, or email. This is only a temporary arrangement. We will resume our regular operations as soon as the COVID-19 be controlled.

No matter how difficult the current situation may seem, we will overcome this obstacle together. We thank all of you for your support over the past years and allow eHome to fulfill our promises to you all. We continually explore new destinations year after year. Starting 2020, during the past 6 weeks, we finished our trips to Morocco, Chile and Argentina; we have so much to share with all of you. Travelling to see the other side of the world is what we like to do. eHome is a travel hub to invite all of you. In eHome, we share, we gather, we depart and GOFUN. We look forward to travelling with you to many new beautiful places very soon. 怡家假期

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