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怡家假期 旅行新常態 重新出遊計劃

怡家假期 旅行新常態 重新出遊計劃 <See below for English Version > Posted Date: May 01, 2020 COVID-19 令我們生活帶來很多的改變,但 “自我隔離”並不會是永久的。社會經濟必定會繼續,我們應該選擇較可行的方案,來面對疫情後的改變。當然,無論何時,我們都要遵從加拿大政府之指示及社交距離政策。因此,未來日子裡,日常生活定會以 “新常態” 方式進行。就如我們亦已漸接受佩戴囗罩及與他人保持安全距離吧!

相信不久,我們就可以自由外出購物,用餐及如常做很多事情。但是何時我們可去旅行?怡家假期考慮到社會現有的社交 “隔離規則”。就算不久後社會逐步回復運作,但為了大家之安全及健康,怡家假期的行程都會作以下安排,讓大家更能安心享受旅遊。

1. 在社會康復期間,我們團隊人數將會下調,限定在常規的50%。 2. 在團內實施 "有限度" 保持距離要求。每個人都需要遵守 登車順序安排。 3. 我們將在每天出發前 檢查團友體溫。 4. 我們將為參團者 制定一套個人 防護裝備和準則。為保障團員健康,每個人都需要遵循。 5. 旅遊開始前,必須購買旅遊醫療保險及簽免責同意書。

透過上述步驟,我們相信 該能在秋季開始前,以 “新常態” 形式外遊。甚或在夏末秋初,天氣怡人,紅葉處處,是外遊最佳時段。在入冬前,我們計劃可再和大家同遊。 夏天快到。一切很快就以“新常態”方式 生活。讓我們共同努力,徹底結束這段沉悶日子。

謝謝各位長期支持。我們將繼續努力開發新景點和創作更多新旅遊選擇。旅行不僅樂趣無窮,它還使我們廣闊眼界,給我們更豐盛人生。 The New Normal Way of Travelling Re-Opening Plan The prolonged period of lockdown is not an only solution towards the COVID-19 outbreak. We should choose some practical alternatives to ease our threat and our economy must go on. Definitely, regardless when, we must follow all instructions given by the Canadian government. New Normal is the future trend that will have an impact on our daily life. We have gradually accepted wearing a face mask and keeping social distance from others already.

We soon can shop and dine outside. Then, can we soon go travelling abroad? With the social distancing rules in mind, we will imply the following steps in our tour programs to make travelling possible.

1. Our group size will be operated only up to 50% out of the regular arrangement. 2. We will implement social distancing practice among all group members. Everyone needs to follow the sequence of boarding all transportation. 3. We will check each customer’s body temperature daily before starting our tour. 4. We will put out a set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and guidelines for all participants. Everyone in the group needs to follow. 5. Buying travel insurance is mandatory prior to the tour.

With the above steps, we trust that we should be able to commence our tour programs in the fall. With everything going well as monitored, we may be able to run the first trip in late August. As we all know, scenery in autumn is so beautiful and is an ideal time period to travel. Before winter, we should go out enjoying the beauty of autumn atmosphere.

In summer, many things will soon be back to the “New Normal” way. Let us work together to end this self-isolation once for all. Travelling is not just fun, it can open our eyes and enrich our knowledge towards living.

Thank you for the long support from all of you. We will continue creating more destinations and travel selections for our supporters. 怡家假期 eHome Travel Group Inc.



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